“Kesmezlioglu Gıda” was established in 1993 for the purpose of egg production.
The farm was established in 1980. From 1980 to 1993, different family members continued their activities by operating in different companies. In 1997, other companies were liquidated and cut into Kesmezlioğlu Gıda and targets were determined. The first of our goals was to get rid of foreign dependency in the feed, which was the most important part of the expenditure items by doing our own feed. And in a short period of time, we started feed production in November 1997.
Moreover our since 2014 our “KesmezliogluTrade” team offers full supply services for international trading of all oilseeds, grains and feedstuffs, on complete transparency basis.
At the same time, we offer trading in domestic oils and oilseeds.
Our primary focus is the commodity origination in the Black Sea (Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania), and destination business into Turkey, the Mediterranean Sea .
In performing our duties, we adhere to the best international practices by GAFTA and FOSFA terms.
Through our long lasting relationships with local traders, we also offer nationwide sourcing service for domestic oilseeds and grains to crushers, flour mills and feed manufacturers.


We offer complete short or long term investment consultancy, in complete confidence, for domestic and
international clients seeking investment in oil and food industries in Turkey.

As part of this, we offer consultancy services in finding local or international investment partners, location
selection, land acquisition, full construction project development, contractor/machinery selection, purchasing
assistance, as well as supplier/customer portfolio assistance.

KESMEZLIOGLU offers extensive and detailed feasibility studies for investors of green field projects, or for
those who wish to invest through acquisition of existing establishments..

Our Team

Mevlüt ÜNAL CEO : mevlut@kesmezlioglu.com.tr
Sinan A. BAYRAKLI Co-Owner : sinan@kesmezlioglu.com.tr
Mustafa ÜNAL Operations Manager : mustafa@kesmezlioglu.com.tr
M.Orhun ÜNAL Member of Board- "Legal Council" : orhun@kesmezlioglu.com.tr
Vladislava GRITSAI Execution Manager : graintrade@kesmezlioglu.com.tr